Terms & Conditions – Trial Period

  1. The Client’s selected subscription package may commence with a 3-day free trial.
  2. The offering of a 3-day free trial by MBSE to the Client, entitles the Client to access the selected subscription package, as contained in the Terms and Conditions, for a period of 3 (three) days from the date that the Client activates such trial period.
  3. The trial period is activated by the Client when the Client submits his / her payment details when registering for a subscription package.
  4. By submitting his / her payment details, the Client:
    1. Accepts the 3-day free trial offer;
    2. Consents to MBSE using the Client’s payment details for purposes of these Terms & Conditions; and
    3. Acknowledges and agrees to the Terms & Conditions which pertains to the selected subscription package.
  5. MBSE will bill any payment method provided by the Client at the end of the 3-day free trial period, unless the client cancels his / her subscription membership prior to the end of the free trial period in accordance with clause 16.6.
  6. Where the Client decides that he / she does not want to become a paying subscriber of the subscription packages, the Client must terminate his / her subscription by notifying an MBSE representative in writing of such termination prior to the lapsing of the 3-day trial period.
  7. MBSE reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, modify or withdraw the 3-day free trial offer without prior notice and with no liability.
  8. The Client acknowledges that he / she may only use the 3-day free trial offer once. Where the Client has previously subscribed to any subscription package in terms of these Terms and Conditions and made use of the 3-day free trial offer, the Client will be disqualified from the subsequent usage of the same 3-day free trial offer.
  9. The 3-day free trial offer expires and must be redeemed before the date advertised. MBSE reserves the right to terminate the 3-day free trial offer at any time for any reason.

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